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The art of porcelain making for the 21st century

For over 200 years, the brand Weimar Porzellan has existed as a guarantee for the highest quality and craftsmanship, and is the symbol of magnificent porcelain refinement. To this day, precious porcelain items of total perfection, crafted masterly, are created here.

There are places that have a special aura, an atmosphere of creativity, producing great minds and magically attracting wonderful people. Weimar is one of them, and Weimar Porzellan lives within the spirit of Weimar classicism with its pursuit of harmony and beauty. Over the centuries we have come to trust in our experience with porcelain sensing the feeling made by the filigree delicacy. Our clear and uncompromising philosophy is to reinterpret the demanding craft techniques in porcelain production and to make high quality reproduction in porcelain a reality.


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