26. January 2017
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Colani – Design collection

Colani – Design collection

Luigi Colanie Image

Together with Luigi Colani, we combine whacky design visions, somehow different, seemingly not of this world. Born in Berlin in 1928, Colani is among the most controversial but also the most famous industrial designers. The most eye-catching feature of all his creations is the organic streamlined shape which can be put down to his past as an aerodynamic expert. WEIMAR was able to win this wonderful designer as a licensed partner and, together, the “ab ovo” series, in which the handles and cup shape is adapted to our hands, was developed.  

The Latin “from the egg”, “from the beginning” or “from the source”, is reminiscent of the perfect shape and symbol of life in nature. With “ab ovo”, Luigi Colani has created a porcelain series in harmony with nature and design that embodies a great degree of ergonomics and aesthetics despite or precisely because of its design dominated by the natural image. 

Colani - Master of Organic Design

Luigi Colani, who is actually called Lutz, began his extraordinary career as a designer at the renowned Sorbonne in the Paris of the early 50s. The self-proclaimed “3D philosopher” has unequivocal visions and has been causing a sensation with his futuristic designs for over 50 years. Many have not been realised, but are among the most famous pieces in the world. Today, the outlandish artist is trying to realise a big dream in China. There is apparently more audacity for his ideas over there: Eco-City is the model of a city, which represents a human body lying on its back. It will define the “living conditions of the 3rd century” and offer 50 000 scientists a home.