24. January 2017
Tea Farmhouse Hand Fresh 39347

Finest development of flavour

Generations of ancient knowledge and expertise

Tea Story is manufactured from extremely high-quality porcelain. Ancient production skills are implemented in a state-of-the-art manner and enable us to manufacture transparent, super-light porcelain and a tea series that should impress connoisseurs.

Tea Story was developed together with international tea tasters. The range offers optimal flavour development and consummate taste for every tea gourmet. In addition, the ritual however also plays a decisive role. So, for example, the infusions of the traditional Chinese tea ceremony are called:

  1. Infusion: the tea of good scent - opens the leaves and takes away the bitterness, but is not drunk
  2. Infusion: the tea of good taste - consummate, soft taste
  3. Infusion: the tea of long friendship - particularly good tea can be infused up to 15 times and allow the evening, with suitable company, to grow long 

Drinking tea totally corresponds to the “slow food movement” and is fashionable: conscious enjoyment, taking care of yourself and taking small breaks are all the more important, the more hectic daily life is.