19. January 2017
Form 21 Weltreise Um 1900

Inspriration: World trip


"You have to feel the porcelain to recognise its intrinsic values."
Form 21

With Form 21, we embark on a world trip through the 19th century, which heralded a new age with the invention of the railroad, the car and the discovery of electricity. That is to say, the age of a new mobility: this is how we stand amazed before the Eiffel Tower, cross through the New York harbour, discover exotic places, battle our way through the Indian jungles, travel with a dhow in the Arabian Peninsula or fly over Mongolia in a captive balloon.   

Reserved for an elite circle in the 19th century, travelling has become almost self-evident in the 21st century and a favourite topic of conversation with friends, family or business partners. Form 21 forges a bridge between then and our own memories of these special moments, such as the unforgettable shopping trip to New York, the indulgent weekend in Paris or the breath-taking skyline of Dubai. It maintains a contrast between our digitalised imagery and the analogue imagery of the days when travelogues still had to be wordily embroidered and portrayed.   

The two centuries have one thing in common for sure: travelling creates unforgettable moments and inspires – in those days as today.

Haptics: the rival of the digital world

Weimar Porzellan Copyright Angela Liebich 7636

Ellipsis-shaped plates are supplemented by filigree handles and reliefs. Technical perfection makes Form 21 a fascinating testimony to history. Each part is elaborately manufactured by hand and engraved – and thereby a unique specimen worldwide.