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Contact us:

Tel: +49 (0) 3 64 59 60 - 315
E-Mail: m.reinhardt@koenitz-group.com

WEIMAR Porcelain is a subsidiary of KOENITZ Porcelain - The German mug maker since 1909. Our extensive experience dealing with customized porcelain affords us the opportunity to meet any type of individual customer wishes. Our unique expertise makes it possible for us to produce individual single pieces or small production runs porcelain as well as bigger quantities. Our outstanding quality, consultation and flexibility are what make WEIMAR Porcelain stand out. So your idea will be distinctive and everlasting whether you would like to create your own mug, designer teapots or bespoke figures.

We offer:

  • Personal and individual consultation and help in choosing the right items
  • Sample-modeling
  • On-time delivery worldwide
  • dishwasher proof mugs and cups
  • designer dinner and Artist porcelain
  • merchandising and promotional products

Our references:

  • Equipment for yachts and aircraft owners
  • Equipment for high-class hotels and restaurants worldwide
  • Equipment in royal and ducal palaces, villas and holiday homes
  • Governments
  • Museum products and Museum mugs
  • Industrial and corporate clients of all sorts
  • Individuals and business customers

For questions or requests, please contact us directly. We pride ourselves on a prompt and competent response.

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Original handmade

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support for end-consumer

Tel: +49 (0) 3 64 59 60 - 194
E-Mail: info@weimar-porzellan.de

business-Client sales

Tel: +49 (0) 3 64 59 60 - 315
E-Mail: m.reinhardt@koenitz-group.com

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