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From the origin of life

Colani Colours Kaffeebecherbeerenfarben

"Ab ovo" latin for "from the egg", "from the start" or "the origin" is reminiscent of the perfect shape and symbol of life in nature. Star designer Luigi Colani has created his series "ab ovo" in harmony with nature and design, which despite, or precisely because of their very nature, embodies a high degree of ergonomics and aesthetics in its image-of-nature-dominated design.

This collection is produced exclusively by Weimar Porzellan in Thuringia. The series includes: Espresso cups, coffee and jumbo cups, tea and chocolate cups and perfectly matching table accessories.

Luigi Colani, who is actually called Lutz, began his extra-ordinary career as a designer at the renowned Sorbonne in the Paris of the early 50s. The self-proclaimed “3D philosopher” has unequivocal visions and has been causing a sensation with his futuristic designs for over 50 years. Many have not been realized, but are among the most famous pieces in the world. Today, the outlandish artist is trying to realise his big dreams in China as there is apparently more audacity for his ideas.

Colani Espressissimo Set