wafer-thin, light and double-walled

Puristic shape with extra functionality

At first sight it seems as if our product designers had reduced the form of the VERSION ONE Cups to the most necessary one. However, sometimes just this is the challenge: Since behind the puristic form a lot of functionality hides.

The cups renounce handle and are variously applicable with thus. For hot drinks, soups, fingerfood, dips as a sushi set or just salad bowl opens the series a huge number of ranges of application. This is in a modern kitchen nearly indispensably.

Who fears now to scald the fingers to himself by drinking coffee, could be calmed. All cups of SMALL to LARGE are double-walled. They keep drinks warm and fingers chilly. The inner walls are rounded off and guarantee with thus an optimum development of the coffee aroma.

The cup in size L touches 500ml and is suited with it very well for a hot white coffee or a warm soup. He is available in the colours grey and white.

The medium size holds 250ml. The coffee in the morning or the affectionately prepared yoghurt with fresh berries – those who may can also serve the especially big serving Aioli to its Tapas. In beige or white comes change on the table.

From the smallest cup, with a capacity of 80 ml, the espresso tastes very well, but also the olives and chili by the Italian evening can be arranged nicely in white or rosé.

All cups of the series Version One are also available in pure White.

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