Fancy spring

Blossoms without purge date

Fluent borders between inside & outside

Nice things appeal not only to the eye. They wake up emotions, wrap up us in memories, give us security and give us the feeling to be something quite Special.

Flowers make happily without question, unfortunately, time not always remains to buy a fresh bunch of flowers at the weekly market. Flower patterns take remedial action without natural expiry date. In the equipment design were, they are and remain a tendency, because they lift the borders between Inside and Outside and bring the nature even in winter in all their rich colourfulness to us home.

Into the sea of flowers sink is the foreign exchange and can be placed on the dining table with different Flower Patterns of the form Katharina capably in scene. A modern mix & match from "Marie", "Rosalie", "summer blossoms" or "rose of Weimar" testifies from individuality, taste and is an expression of a special quality conscious being.

Not only for festive occasions, also occasionally the Cottage patterns of WEIMAR make porcelain desire for nature. Select your favorite decoration.

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