Imagebild Findlinge Oben


porcelain meets nature

porcelain meets nature

Imagebild Findlinge Oben

They are often found on walks in the woods and along the water's edge, those little gifts that remind us of wonderful moments - Foundlings. You'll feel pure tactile sensations at the sight and the first touch of these objects, which are characterized and formed by nature.

Foundlings show the beauty of transience in a unique way. A single moment and the eternal cycle of life are perpetuated in this handcrafted porcelain perfection.

bamboo vase

Findlinge Bambusvasen

The bamboo vase is made out of the finest bisquit porcelain. It's marked stamped by the nature and fascinates with a unique lifelike haptics. Perfectly as a small present or as a unique adornment for at home.

The bamboo vase is available in 3 dimensions:

  • small vase –   24 cm
  • medium vase – 39 cm
  • large vase –    48 cm

shell bowl

Findling Muschel Neu

The foundlings of Weimar porcelain show the beauty of the transitoriness, perpetuated by pure manual labour in porcelain. The shell from bisquit porcelain looks similar to their original from the nature for mistaking. Perfectly as a filing and special eye-catcher.

It has a diameter of 20 cm.

sea urchin lithophane

Findling Seeigel Neu

Inspired from natural walks on the seashore, the Lithophanie of a sea urchin offers an exceptionally form of the wind light . In connection with candle light it leaves a special impression and creates an unique ambience.

The diameter of the Lithophanie amounts to 15 cm.

limb candleholder

Findlinge Astleuchter

The limb candleholder of Weimar porcelain reflect the beauty and uniqueness of the nature. They serve as a candleholder and are at the same time a remarkable and luxurious eye-catcher in every space. Perfectly as a small present to remind of the nice moments.

The limb candleholder is available in 2 different dimensions:
 small candleholder– 20cm
 large candleholder– 38 cm