Form 21 Weltreise Um 1900

World trip

Inspiring conversation

A trip into the past


The unique design language of the elliptical plate is complimented perfectly by filigree handles and figural reliefs on lid, teapot and tureen. Technical perfection makes the FORM 21 into a fascinating historical testimony. Every plate and every cup is made by hand and engraved, and is unique worldwide. FORM 21 - VOYAGE 1900 is dishwasher - safe. Inspired by the ever-present urge to discover new worlds, we set out on a yoyage into 19th century Europe, discover exotic places, the jungle of india, travel with a dhow to the Arabian Peninsula, cross the harbour of New York and hover over Mongolia in a tethered hot air balloon.

The first leg of the voyage tahes us from Europe I over America II on the Middle East III, all the way over to India IV. A further second trip will follow along the Silk Road.
Join us on the first stage of the trip!