Gently pastel-shade & discreet gold-accent

Timeless elegance & modern colour

The festival board as a meeting place for the whole family

"You have to feel the porcelain to recognise its intrinsic values."
Form 21

The form Katharina is liked a brand name for WEIMAR porcelain un everywhere in the world famously. The baroque lines of the relief structures in symbiosis with discreet pastel tones and Goldapllikationen lend to the service an unforgettable mark. The discreetly luxurious character is manufactured by the finest site foreman's gold editions in affectionate manual labour.

With Katharina the festival board moves affectionately and demandingly formed in the centre of every arrangement and becomes the central meeting place for the whole family and friends. Old proven moves again in the centre of a modern equipment. Classical porcelain unites timeless elegance with tones conscious of trend.

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