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Tea Story


"Tea Story - handcrafted by Weimar Porzellan" is a collection of the finest high-end pots and various shapes of cups that improve the enjoyment of not only the taste, but also the aroma of tea. Collaboration with international tea tasters resulted in the creation of ideal pots for black tea, fine light teas, green teas and infusions, manufactured to the highest standards exclusively in Germany.

Hand-painted with the finest materials such as gold and platinum for modern indulgence, or decorated stylishly and luxuriously with celadon, one of the oldest porcelain colours in history, combined with the finest gold. Enjoy your tea using all the senses and at the highest level with "Tea Story - handcrafted by Weimar Porzellan".

Leichte Feine Tees

Light, delicate teas

Fine flavor, fragrant aromas, delicate nuances

Powerful black teas

For the perfect tea enjoyment of Darjeeling, Oolong or White Tea, a coherent combination of nose and tongue is essential.

The inward cup shape keeps the aroma above the tea and ensures optimal concentration under the nose. The taste nuances are perceived on the front part of the tongue.